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East Midlands Today News Report - LD Carers

East Midlands Today News report into failures by DCC Adult Social

BBC East Midlands Today News report failures by DCC Adult Social on procedures when dealing with adults with Learning Disabilities and their family Carers. Presented after a lobby to MPs by The LD Carers Group Helpline LD Carers Direct. Maggie Throup MP for Erewash raised a question to the Rt.Hon Theresa May, requesting a review of Adult Care management processes . LD Carers Group asked for improved management of services, procedures and communications, in order to assist Carers who are most the vulnerable.

Posted by Learning Disability Carers Group on Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Press Release

From Maggie Throup MP

Member of Parliament for Erewash

25th January 2017

Maggie Throup (MP for Erewash) at Prime Ministers Question time on 25th January 2017

Ms. Throup’s question is based on many examples of poor processes across Derbyshire County Councils Adult Care Services .This follows concerns raised from The LD Carers Direct Helpline , on behalf of their callers.

We welcome and support Maggie Throups request, for a review of adult social care management processes, at DCC . We aim to remain engaged and to participate  in this process on behalf of the carers we support and those who use our Helpline.

Hansard (Wednesday 25th January 2017)

Maggie Throup (Erewash) (Con)

Social care provided by Labour-led Derbyshire County Council is failing miserably, with serious errors in process leading to shameful consequences for some of the most vulnerable people in my constituency. It is clearly not about funding, as the council sits on reserves of about £233 million. Will my right hon. Friend instigate an urgent review of social care practice at the county council, because the people of Derbyshire deserve better?

The Prime Minister

My hon. Friend makes an important point. The success of social care is not wholly about funding. It is about practice on the ground, which is why we have made it clear that it is important to see integration between social and health care at a local level, and local authorities should play their part in delivering that. This is an issue that needs to be addressed for the longer term as well. It has been ducked by Governments for too long in this country, which is why this Government are determined to introduce a sustainable programme for social care in future.

Maggie slams social care services in Derbyshire

Erewash MP Maggie Throup has today slammed “shameful” social care services provided by Labour-led Derbyshire County Council, and has called on Theresa May to instigate an urgent review of the authority during the weekly session of Prime Minister Questions.

Following PMQs, Maggie addressed the problem directly, saying:

I am deeply concerned that far too many of my constituencyin Erewash, many being extremely vulnerable, are having to turn to me for help because they have been failed miserably by social care services provided by Derbyshire County Council.

“Quite clearly this is not just about funding as the authority holds over £233 million of taxpayers money in its reserves.

The absolute mismanagement of such a vital public service is totally unacceptable, and that is why today, at PMQs, I have asked the Prime Minster to instigate an urgent review into practices at the Labour-run authority.

The subsequent responses to my question by residents living elsewhere in Derbyshire demonstrate that this problem is not just confined to Erewash, but is more widespread across our county.

I am now determined to hold the County Council and its leadership to account on this issue because I believe thatDerbyshire people deserve better.

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