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Introducing the Friends and Family Test (FFT)

Mental health and community providers across the country – including Derbyshire Healthcare – have begun offering patients the Friends and Family Test (FFT), from 1 January 2015, in order to gain regular feedback on people’s experience of our services.
When someone is discharged from any of our services they will be asked to answer the following question: “How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?” People will be invited to respond by choosing one of six options, ranging from “extremely likely” to “extremely unlikely”. They will also have the opportunity to explain why they have given their answer.
Whilst it is possible for people to complete the feedback once they have returned home, we are keen to encourage as many patients as possible to respond immediately as we are aware that response rates drop significantly when people take surveys home to fill in at a later date.
Response to the FFT is voluntary but we do wish to encourage people to participate. All responses are completely anonymous, but they will allow us to identify any common themes or experiences, which we can then look to address in order to improve our services and the experiences people have when in our care. The Friends and Family Test now replaces the previous Trust Golden Question survey.
For any questions about the FFT please contact Gary Stokes, Head of Patient Experience by emailing .

LD Carers Direct

LD Carers Direct

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