The Learning Disability Carers Group ran a Roadshow and wellbeing program for LD Carers funded by The Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Newhall Centre in October 2014.
82 People registered attending on the day and the excellent feedback was shared with the venue host, The Newhall Centre, who did a great job.

Carers from across Derbyshire have benefited from LD Carers Direct Wellbeing Program

68 LD Carers pre registered for our wellbeing program from the following areas:-
26 Chesterfield
1 Buxton
1 Glossop
9 Belper
2 Ashbourne
6 Etwall/Findern
23 South Derbyshire
5 additional attendances/registrations were received from Burton on Trent and have been included; funded by our Staffordshire County Council Carers Wellbeing funding.
Over three weeks the carers received ‘one to one’ wellbeing support primarily at home, with some opting to use our Derby HQ in :-
4 Hours of Reiki Therapy
13 Hours of relaxation and stress management techniques
22 hours health,fitness and nutrition support has now been allocated
32.8 Helpline hours were accessed to provide welfare and rights support, listening services, signposting and advocacy

Whats coming up
• 10 other Carers Roadshows are planned across the East Midlands, with 5 being held across Derbyshire
• CRT funding only covered Sth Derbyshire so additional funding is being sought for the new program to include those requesting help from other areas

The Trustees of the LD Carers Group would like to thank Pam Gill for fundraising and Project Managing this event.

LD Carers Direct

LD Carers Direct

Learning Disability Carers Group is led by volunteer family carers working with top experts and professionals in health, stress / anxiety management and fitness aimed at family carers and people working within the learning the learning disabled.

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